Fiber-Optic Cabling in Pittsburgh, PA


Fiber-optic data transmission is the latest and most advanced technology to make an appearance in commercial internet and television service providers. An optical fiber cable is made up of a thread of glass as thin as a human hair, and so pure that you could see through it for miles. Light pulses actually travel through the thread itself, referred to as the core; the core is surrounded by cladding, which is another optical material that reflects the light back into the core and ensures that data is transmitted successfully; finally, a plastic buffer coating protects the cladding and core from damage.

The Future of Data Cabling in Pittsburgh, PA


Data cabling technology has advanced almost to the level of science fiction. These new developments make it important to make sure you have sufficient data cabling on hand for your needs. This applies to offices and industrial settings, as well as other institutions such as hospitals. If your building is lagging behind, you should contact Hanlon Electric today and get more information about how we can help you bring your building’s data capabilities into the 21st century.